Current projects

Overview of activities and meetings

Our main focus is the continuation of a large scale Individual Participant Data meta-analysis assessing the effectiveness of relapse prevention interventions for preventing recurrence of depression and to bring together experts globally to advance outcomes for relapse prevention of depression.

Please click the links below for our study protocols and further information:

1) What works for whom? An individual participant data analysis of psychotherapeutic relapse prevention treatment versus control for patients in remission from depression

2) Can I stop my antidepressant? An Individual Participant Data (IPD) analysis on psychological interventions as alternative to antidepressant medication (Published, JAMA Psychiatry, see here for the manuscript and here for the podcast)

3) A meta-analysis of psychological relapse prevention interventions with or without antidepressants for recurrent depression (Published, British Journal of Psychiatry, see here.

Planned future projects:

Unravelling pathways to relapse in depression: towards actionable relapse models and interventions. In this future project we aim to further disentangle the pathways that may lead to depressive relapse using IPD and big data. If you are interested in learning more or would like to get involved please contact us.