About us


In 2007, an inaugural meeting of a consortium to further study relapse prevention took place, with the following members:

prof. dr. Willem Kuyken, prof. dr. Emily Holmes, prof. dr. Ulrich Stangier, prof. dr. Martin grosse Holtforth, prof. dr. Mark Williams, prof. dr. Steve Hollon, prof. dr. Pim Cuijpers, prof. dr. Claudi Bockting

Current activities

In 2017 the original consortium took the name ITFRA (International TaskForce RelApse prevention of depression). In 2017 it has also taken on it's largest project thus far. Together with a range of international experts and collaborators we are now conducting a series of Individual Participant Data Meta-analyses, aiming to identify what works for whom in relapse prevention of depression.

In our 'Current projects' page, you can find out more information about these specific activities and in 'Current members' you can find an updated list of all our membership.


ITFRA is co-ordinated by: