Welcome to ITFRA

International TaskForce for RelApse prevention of depression and anxiety 


ITFRA is a research taskforce aiming to improve our understanding of the prevention of relapse in depression, harmonise outcome and moderator measurement and advocate for improved outcomes for people who have experienced depression. 

We are a group of scientists, clinicians, policy makers and people with lived experience working together to foster innovative and groundbreaking research to help improve practice and outcomes for people at risk of recurrence.

Our current projects are largely focussed on individual participant data meta-analysis and meta-analyses aiming to identify what works for whom and evaluate treatment approaches such as the role of psychological interventions and antidepressants in preventing relapse or recurrence. 


This research is part funded by an APH Mental Health Grant entitled 'Determining effective relapse prevention strategies for recurrent depression and moderators of treatment outcome –what works for whom?’ obtained by Josefien Breedvelt, PhD.